Opening the right doors

Businesses that sell to other businesses need a dynamic and carefully maintained pipeline of prospective clients that consistently delivers valuable conversations with the real decision-makers.

We find and open the right doors, so you can talk to the right people.

“People buy what they want from brands, but companies buy what they need from people.

We are used to operating and selling at the highest levels and our experience, networks and pedigree means that we can speak to people that few others can reach.

Not only are we taken seriously where it really matters but also, we can secure contracts and deals that might seem out of reach to you at present.

We have perfected a methodical strategy, that uses a highly personal stepped process to research realistic prospects, identify the real decision makers and to contact them with exactly the right approach to secure a meeting for you. 


How does it work?

Reputation Review

What do you look like when people Google you?

Every business is under constant scrutiny and your reputation is now predominantly what people find online, certainly in the first instance.

We call it the Unaccompanied Consultation because you have no idea when or how your prospective customers are looking at your sales collateral and marketing messages. The complexity of Google’s personalised algorithms mean that different people get very different perspectives, so it’s essential that your digital reputation is both reassuring and instructive, and that key propositions are as visible as possible in as many different places as possible.

We conduct a deep and incisive review to assess the quality and variety of your digital reputation. We then identify simple and effective areas for improvement and choose the best material to use in the campaign.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Identifying The Specifics

Working with your sales and marketing teams we identify the specifics of your target market. You may have a very clear idea of the appropriate verticals, sectors and job titles, or you may need our guidance, either way we will ensure that everyone is clear on the ideal proposition with the maximum potential to reach the optimum audience.  

From that we build a campaign plan and timeline, with a range of activities and steps, that effectively introduce you and your services to the right people. We operate independently but in full collaboration with your teams, so the strategy is also key to ensuring that everyone knows what part they need to play, and what they need to do. 

The strategy also defines what can, and will be achieved and how and when we can adapt the campaign and react to results as we progress.  Our approach is always patient and methodical with clearly defined boundaries that still give us the agility to be personal and reactive.

Target Research

Database Construction

We conduct forensic and detailed research to identify the right companies and their decision-making processes.  This research is critical to ensure that we know who (and it’s usually several) we need to contact, and the most effective ways of getting the right messages to them.

We have an extensive and GDPR compliant database of C-level executives and senior managers, in a wide range of industries, who already know us and are willing to hear from us. We chose the most appropriate targets and then add similar people in similar companies or sectors from trusted and accredited sources.

Our success is founded on making sure that we never contact the wrong person with the wrong message, and the steps of the Canis Nero process ensure that individuals assent to receiving information from us, and your company.

Campaign Execution

Setting appointments

Every campaign process is bespoke and tailored specifically for each client, but the model of contacting the right people, gaining their agreement to contact them with more information, and to set an appointment, is always the same. It is a deliberately patient and personal process that is designed to understand the target customers’ purchasing and procurement procedures.

We use a variety of tools and techniques but everyone is individual and thoughtful. Our team are all highly experienced and well-trained, operating and behaving as if they were employees. The Canis Nero process is designed to augment, personalise and significantly improve our clients’ reputation so every contact and activity is handled with immense care.

Whilst all sales processes are ‘a numbers game’ our research, empathy and human approach ensures that we are seen as trusted advocates, and we quickly become integral to their business development process.  

The process has numerous benefits but the most important deliverables are always confirmed appointments for you to meet your ideal customers.

Working together with Canis Nero.

Our teams and partners have worked successfully with and for a huge range of B2B companies. We have profound experience building sales and marketing processes with global corporations, professional services companies and specialist technology providers, in sectors from engineering and architecture to catering and resources. We can help your company to plan, build and execute a successful growth campaign to unleash the potential of your business.


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