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Making the right meetings happen

Experts in enabling the right conversations, with the right people, at the right time. Canis Nero was founded to help companies like yours to meet their right people. The people who have the budget, authority and need to buy whatever you are selling.

The whole and final point of all sales and marketing activity is to secure a meeting with the right person. The real decision maker - the buyer. It’s the one thing that nearly all businesses struggle with and that’s Canis Nero’s expertise.

Marketing, PR, advertising, sales enablement, lead generation, digital engagement and everything else are all important activities on the journey but the sharp-end is setting appointments.   

You can create valuable and engaging content, post insight and thought-leadership, send out white papers and briefings, attend exhibitions, shows and meet-ups, but unless you end up face to face with the real decision makers, who are willing and ready to hear your pitch, none of it has worked.

How we can help

We help to identify the real business problem that your company solves, and perfect the way we communicate you proposition. Your brand and messaging may be brilliant, but crafting it into the type of messages that open doors is a highly specialised skill.

This is not a ‘dark art’ it’s just a unique skill-set that we have honed and sharpened into a successful process, over decades working in B2B sales & marketing. 

We have perfected a methodical strategy, that uses a highly personal stepped process to research realistic prospects, identify the real decision makers and to contact them with exactly the right approach to secure a meeting for you. 


Discovering what you really need to succeed


Choosing and developing the right strategies and tools


Building and deploying the right systems and processes


Ensuring your campaigns build valuable momentum

Problems we can solve

Does your business struggle with any of these challenges?


Finding and reaching genuine decision makers in your target markets?

Finding & training the people capable of securing valuable appointments?


Ensuring effective marketing collateral is seen by the right people?

Building a consistent flow of meetings with potential customers?


Problem solved

We have helped companies, just like yours, to solve all of these problems - and more - so contact us today to talk about how we can help.

We work discreetly in partnership with our clients, often directly embedded within their teams, and you can read about how we’ve helped companies like yours on our case studies page [here]. 

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